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 Variety of finishes available giving your floor a more aesthetic appeal.

Variety of finishes available

Epoxy Flooring Systems

The advantages of Epoxy systems can give your floor a more aesthetic appeal as epoxies are able to adapt to a wide range of surroundings and are offered in a variety of finishes, colours and decorative selections.

Although not UV stable, Epoxy systems are easier to maintain. Thus used primarily in-doors.

Epoxy systems cannot tolerate extreme temperatures as well PU and MMA.

Some epoxy coatings are heat resistant to temperatures of up to 65°C, whereas PU systems are available that can tolerate 120°C.

Epoxy systems can give architects and designers the opportunity to create a unique floor system plan that can create a distinctive surface.

This has made epoxy systems a go-to system for commercial settings such as shopping centres and car sales garages together with light to medium duty industrial spaces or for customer-faced processing areas that need to look pleasing as well as be practically functional. 


Our full range of flooring systems and services:

  • Epoxy Resin Flooring
  • Polyurethane Resin Flooring
  • MMA
  • Decorative flooring
  • Concrete Polishing – HTC Superfloor
  • Concrete and Resin flooring repairs 
  • Jointing solutions
  • Anti-Static flooring
  • Demarcation, line marking and signage installations
  • Resin Bound - 21 year guarantee
  • Chemical Resistant Solutions


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