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Totally Welsh Haverfordwest

December 2019 - Area size: 43m2; 37lm.


Client: Totally Welsh

System: Sherwin Williams TG69 PU Screed

Polymer Flooring UK Limited were asked to install a new hard wearing flooring surface in the clients new cladded room as they are expanding from dairy into producing butter. 
We prepared the screed and added toe-in cuts around the perimeter of the floor, drainage and doorways as this will help the system when it cures not to shrink and crack. 
We laid this system by hand trowel at 9mm thickness so that the floor can withstand the harmful chemicals being used daily and so it can be cleaned and washed easily enough. This was installed in 1 day with a further day to install the cove detail and expansion joints once the floor was cured.


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