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Puffin Produce

November 2019 - Area size: levelling compound 255m2, Epoxy coating 114m2.

Client: Puffin Produce Ltd

Systems: Mapei Ultratop Industrial and Resucoat HB with added aggregate

Puffin produce has undergone the construction of a brand new potato inbound and packing facility.

The concrete floor installed over three levels was left in an uneven and pitted state due to poor workmanship and weather by previous trade. LB resin flooring was chosen to carry out the remedial works. We prepared the floor by diamond grinding and applied an epoxy DPM primer with 0.7 - 1.2mm quartz to deal with the rising moisture and to help with the levelling compound to adhere to the substrate.

For the levelling compound, Mapei Ultratop Industrial was chosen as this system was installed at a 6mm depth which solved the resurfacing of the floor while still providing the strength needed to deal with heavy foot traffic and installation of new packing lines.

We also installed a chemical resistant, high build epoxy coating to the plant room floors to give its protection from the foot traffic and to give the floor a more aesthetic look. We chose Resucoat HB as we were able to incorporate an added aggregate to the mix as this will give a slip reducing floor to comply with health and safety.


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