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Manchester Cornbrook Tram Station

February 2020 - Area size: 40m2.


Client: Buckingham Group and Transport For Manchester

System: Flowfast MMA Classic Quartz for Wet Areas

Polymer Flooring UK Limited were instructed to carry out the renewal of Manchester Cornbrook Station entrance on a night shift. We had strict restrictions on the hours that we could work these being 10 pm to 5 am and had to be ready for handover at 5.30 am. The works were carried out on the night of 15th of February as this was the only date where the client was able to shut the station and provide transport buses for the public. It was essential we were able to complete the floor from start to finish so that the station can be reopened for the public. 

We decided that Flowcrete's MMA flowfast classical quartz for wet areas was the most suitable system to use as this enabled us to install the full system within the time frame we had due to its rapid curing time. This system also provided us with the added slip reduction as this was also pivitol to the station entrance which the client required a specific slip resistance rating for the floor for health and safety of the public especially when the floor is wet. 

The project was finished on time and on budget with the client very happy with our works. This project has also led us to more purchase orders on future works. 


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